Downtown is Important

Ten Reasons Why Downtown Elyria Is Important

1. Downtown is a prominent employment center. Hundreds of people work in downtown.

2. Downtown has one of the largest concentration of businesses in Elyria.

3. Downtown is the reflection of how our community sees itself (this is a critical factor in business retention and recruitment.) If the downtown is neglected, outsiders will see this neglect as a reflection of the entire community and its citizens.

4. Downtown represents a significant portion of the city’s tax base. If downtown declines, its property value will decrease. This increases the tax burden of other parts of the city.

5. The downtown is an indispensable shopping and service area. It may not be the most dominant shopping center, but it still includes unique shopping, dining and service opportunities, such as, attorneys, physicians, accountants, insurance offices as well as financial institutions and city and county offices.

6. Downtown is the historic core of the city. Many buildings are of historical significance.

7. Downtown represents a vast amount of public and private investment. Imagine paying to recreate all the public infrastructure and real estate in the downtown. Imagine the waste of the past dollars spent if downtown is neglected.

8. There isn’t another downtown like ours in the world. People love to visit unique places.

9. Downtown is the county seat. In addition to City Hall and Municipal Court downtown is also home to the County Administration Building, Courthouse and Justice Center.

10. Downtown provides a sense of community and place. Aren’t you proud to be an Elyrian? Do you bring visitors downtown – don’t you think you should?

So, what can you do to help? Support the downtown, provide for the police protection and other vital funding needed to revitalize downtown so that it can help the city become more fiscally responsible.



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