Utilizing Intranets During City Trips

Sometimes office workers get to visit clients and business contacts within different countries. This could mean visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the world, such as Paris, Florence, Zurich, and many others.

It is important that the office has a good intranet system in place that can be easily accessed by the off-site worker. Managers can visit the website omniaintranet.com if they are interested in installing one. It helps to promote collaboration and communication. Omnia is the superior platform for digitally focused workforces.

Staying Safe

Some people may have safety concerns about accessing an intranet from a different city. Luckily, Omnia is well regarded for its security. Employees can use it without worrying about potential breaches.

This platform is designed to save users time. The extra spare hours could instead be used to explore the beautiful city that the person finds themselves in.