Best Frames to Store Your Travel Memories

One point of traveling is creating memories you will bask in in the future. Besides what you see and do, taking pictures is the other perfect way to bring home little pieces of the best destinations you visit. However, these memories can easily fade away if pictures are stashed away in drawers or online galleries.

The best way to keep memories of your favorite cities alive is to frame and mount their pictures in visible areas within your home and workspaces. This way, the memories come flooding in every time you are within these areas. That said, you need quality frames and mounts to complement the good vibes of your pictures.

Best BGA Picture Accessories

That is where the BGA online store comes in. The BGA shop is a market leader in picture frames, mounts, posters, and numerous accessories related to photo decoration. They have a wide variety of product designs and sizes, making it possible to find the perfect match for photos from whatever city in the world you visit.

BGA products have a price range as wide as the product catalog, but all of them offer great value for money. The website is easy to navigate and filter to find the product that suits you best. They deliver purchases in 3-5 business days at fees, dependent on the size of the purchase. So confident is the BGA shop in the quality of their products that they allow you a 90-day return window!

If the practice of framing and putting up your photos is not already part of you, it might appear trivial at first. However, once you get a taste of it, you probably won’t be able to quit. A lot of joy comes from reliving the great moments you have had. Seeing them on your walls will lift your moods on days when you really need it. BGA frames are the perfect accessories to bring this to life and get you looking forward to your next trip!

How to Have Fun in Your Favorite City

Exploring a city you love calls for thorough planning. You probably have a ton of exciting things on your to-do list. And if you don’t pre-decide how you’ll spend your time there, you can easily miss some fun activities or places. On top of that, having a budget is advisable, lest you’ll get carried away and spend more than planned.

To enjoy every second you spend in your favorite city, you should also wear appropriate clothing to avoid feeling out of place, depending on the locations you discover. If you want to pack only a few pieces, consider versatile options such as several fashionable workout crop tops to match your jeans, denim skirts, and shorts. These can also be extremely handy if you fancy working out or doing yoga during your trip.

For men, several white and black shirts or t-shirts are worth carrying because you can team them up with anything. Also, remember to bring comfy footwear and accessories to look your best.

Utilizing Intranets During City Trips

Sometimes office workers get to visit clients and business contacts within different countries. This could mean visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the world, such as Paris, Florence, Zurich, and many others.

It is important that the office has a good intranet system in place that can be easily accessed by the off-site worker. Managers can visit the website if they are interested in installing one. It helps to promote collaboration and communication. Omnia is the superior platform for digitally focused workforces.

Staying Safe

Some people may have safety concerns about accessing an intranet from a different city. Luckily, Omnia is well regarded for its security. Employees can use it without worrying about potential breaches.

This platform is designed to save users time. The extra spare hours could instead be used to explore the beautiful city that the person finds themselves in.

Why You Must Pack Leggings When Visiting the Best Cities

Whether you are actually travelling for business or leisure, you deserve to enjoy the best cities in the world. One way to do this is to pack appropriate clothing for the specific destination. Appropriateness is determined mainly by weather, event, and culture.

One-Fits-All Attire

Thankfully, leggings are one item of clothing that fits all occasions. Save for a few highly conservative countries, leggings are acceptable in most cities across the world. And they are super comfortable in many different weather conditions. This is thanks to designers of activewear leggings such as aim’n who have wearers sorted with leggings for all purposes. High-waist leggings, pregnancy leggings, yoga leggings, leggings with pockets; they have them all.

Even when travelling for the most formal meetings, you need comfortable leggings to hug you at the end of a long day. Whether you pack and carry them with you or order online and have them delivered to your destination, leggings are one item you should never leave behind when travelling to any city.

What was once seen as exercise gear has now become everyplace wear. No one will be offended if you turn up in figure-hugging attire for dinner downstairs at your hotel residence. They will love it. You can even bet that one day of your conference will allow you to come in leggings!

Throw a pair in that travel bag now!

Choosing your vacation destination

City breaks are a great way to see the world. While you can stay as long as you like – and as long as you can afford – you can just stay a few days and still pack in a lot of sightseeing. There are so many beautiful cities, particularly in Europe that narrowing down your list of places to go will not be easy.

Choose a city

Think about the type of things that you are interested in. Anyone with an interest in classical art, for example, should consider Rome or Florence. Those who want to sample amazing wines should consider Paris or Bordeaux. For classical music there is Vienna or Salzburg. Why not do a tour and visit a few places instead of just one?

Comfortable places to stay

City breaks do not have to be expensive. Small, comfortable boutique hotels are often reasonably priced and will do a good deal if you are staying for more than one night. The rooms offer everything you need from tea and coffee making facilities to comfortable seating areas. Hotels like this often use an Ikea couch cover so it can be cleaned easily and changed to match the decor of the room. This means that guests can always be sure of the cleanliness of the facilities and the Ikea couch cover range comes in variety of designs. Ikea couch covers are really affordable too, so if you like to change your decor or color scheme often you are sure to not feel the pinch when buying additional Ikea couch covers to match.

If you live close enough to a major city, you could opt for a day trip instead. Just pick out one or two activities that you want to do there and focus on those. You always have the option to do other activities the next time that you go.

Ranking of the Most Beautiful Cities

From futuristic cityscapes to tree-lined canals and colorful historic buildings, beauty comes in many forms. Here are some of the most beautiful cities in the world:


Thanks to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the central canal, Amsterdam tops this list. It has many green spaces, storied red-brick facades, museums, and famous Van Gogh paintings.


Barcelona is home to Antoni Gaudí, the famous Catalan architect who left his mark in many parts of the city. His work, cast in stone and iron, consists of Park Güell and the unfinished La Sagrada Família masterpiece. Barcelona is also made beautiful by its sunny weather and scenic mountains.


Beirut is an old city with centuries-old mosques and souks. These give way to an enchanting coastline with posh beach clubs, rooftop bars, palm tree-lined boulevards, and disguised arcades to rival any of the best in Europe.


Even though it does not rank first for the number of inhabitants, Bergen is definitely the most attractive city in the Nordic region. The town has all the makings of a rustic Alpine dwelling: a scenic harbor, colorful rows of wooden houses, and a sweeping view of the surrounding fjords and the Seven Mountains.

Buenos Aires

Often referred to as the “Paris of South America”. From neoclassical mansions to the brightly painted buildings in La Boca, the city is a contrast of architectural designs that enhance its allure. The nightlife is vibrant, especially during summertime.


With some of the highest quality Art Nouveau architecture in all of Europe, Budapest has no bad angles. The city’s famous thermal baths, the Fisherman’s Bastion, or the Chain Bridge are something to mull over.

The Most Beautiful African Cities

The continent is famed for striking vast deserts, exceptional wildlife, the arresting beauty of its savannah grasslands, and rolling hills and highlands. It also boasts extraordinary towns and cities that are endowed with culture and history.

Listed below are some of these beautiful cities and towns:

Cape Town

It is a colorful city with an extraordinary cultural history and fantastic restaurants. Located at the base of the picturesque cape ranges, the Cape area has some of Africa’s finest vineyards and beaches. The mountain offers scenic views while on a cable ride.

Lamu, Kenya

It is a small coastal town located on Lamu island. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 23 mosques, including the Riyadha Mosque, built in early 1900.

Lamu is also a donkey sanctuary. With no road transport, visitors can let off steam strolling the narrow alleys either on foot or donkey. This town is among the best places to relax and recharge.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira has breathtaking beaches and boasts glistering fortifications and ancient medina, which have existed since the 18th century.

This town is a watersport paradise, with its peace and tranquility a far cry from other urban centers in the region.