Choosing your vacation destination

City breaks are a great way to see the world. While you can stay as long as you like – and as long as you can afford – you can just stay a few days and still pack in a lot of sightseeing. There are so many beautiful cities, particularly in Europe that narrowing down your list of places to go will not be easy.

Choose a city

Think about the type of things that you are interested in. Anyone with an interest in classical art, for example, should consider Rome or Florence. Those who want to sample amazing wines should consider Paris or Bordeaux. For classical music there is Vienna or Salzburg. Why not do a tour and visit a few places instead of just one?

Comfortable places to stay

City breaks do not have to be expensive. Small, comfortable boutique hotels are often reasonably priced and will do a good deal if you are staying for more than one night. The rooms offer everything you need from tea and coffee making facilities to comfortable seating areas. Hotels like this often use an Ikea couch cover so it can be cleaned easily and changed to match the decor of the room. This means that guests can always be sure of the cleanliness of the facilities and the Ikea couch cover range comes in variety of designs. Ikea couch covers are really affordable too, so if you like to change your decor or color scheme often you are sure to not feel the pinch when buying additional Ikea couch covers to match.

If you live close enough to a major city, you could opt for a day trip instead. Just pick out one or two activities that you want to do there and focus on those. You always have the option to do other activities the next time that you go.