The Most Beautiful African Cities

The continent is famed for striking vast deserts, exceptional wildlife, the arresting beauty of its savannah grasslands, and rolling hills and highlands. It also boasts extraordinary towns and cities that are endowed with culture and history.

Listed below are some of these beautiful cities and towns:

Cape Town

It is a colorful city with an extraordinary cultural history and fantastic restaurants. Located at the base of the picturesque cape ranges, the Cape area has some of Africa’s finest vineyards and beaches. The mountain offers scenic views while on a cable ride.

Lamu, Kenya

It is a small coastal town located on Lamu island. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 23 mosques, including the Riyadha Mosque, built in early 1900.

Lamu is also a donkey sanctuary. With no road transport, visitors can let off steam strolling the narrow alleys either on foot or donkey. This town is among the best places to relax and recharge.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira has breathtaking beaches and boasts glistering fortifications and ancient medina, which have existed since the 18th century.

This town is a watersport paradise, with its peace and tranquility a far cry from other urban centers in the region.