The Top 3 Cities

Based on the lowdown above, here are the three best cities according to Kearney and Resonance:


Second in programming and first in promotion, London sits top despite a predicted dismal ranking after the referendum. It should be noted, however, that a steep drop in economic prosperity might still materialize following Brexit.

The city is placed fifth for Global Fortune 500 businesses but at an unfavorable 52nd for non-employment, as the disparity between rich and poor becomes alarming. That notwithstanding, there’s not a better urban experience today in any other city across the globe.

New York

New York ranked first and second for programming and promotion respectfully. It was also the second-best global city in the shopping category and fourth for Global 500 enterprises.

Despite being ravished by the Coronavirus in March and April 2020, the city managed to shake off the setback to widen its lead over other cities. New York’s highest ever score in human capital can be attributed to the huge number of international schools, international student population, and the new medical universities metric.

New York is still the premier place where the world’s top brains gather to create inventions that spur progress around the globe.


Though the city endured a torrid 2019 with terrorism and the Notre Dame disaster, as with the best of cities, it responded with resilience. It is placed third in the product category and has the second-best airport network in the world.

The city is placed fifth for museums and seventh for attractions, while it topped “Information Exchange”. All these favorable rankings coupled with a consistently strong performance in cultural experience and political engagement, cemented Paris’s hold of number 3.

New hotels’ outdoor swimming pools being built in time for the 2024 summer Olympics should push Paris up from the #26 ranking for parks and outdoor activity.